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Things to Do in London on a Budget

UK travelers visit London for a wide variety of reasons. They enjoy the food, drinks, shopping and overall happy tone of the city. Additionally, they enjoy London’s mild weather. Some modern tourists have a tight budget when they come to London. Such tourist can still find a multitude of fun activities in which they can partake.

The following are some tips for things one can do in London on a Budget:

Visit Hyde Park

Hyde Park is an attractive place to go for people who like to take nature walks and enjoy the surroundings of a natural environment. Hyde Park covers a whopping 350 acres of land. Visitors can enjoy beautiful flowers, large lakes and the most memorable gardens that one can see.

Go Landmark Hopping

Riding around and taking pictures of famous landmarks is an amazing activity. Some of the most common landmarks in the area are Tate Modern and the London Eye. The London Eye is a gigantic observation wheel. In fact, it was the world’s largest one in its day. More than 10,000 people visit the London Eye on a daily basis.

See the Pelicans of St. James

St. James Park is another large park in the city of London. The park is 58 acres large, and it offers the opportunity for visitors to get some amazing pictures. Children can see pelicans, woodpeckers, owls, bats and water birds.

Watch Street Performers

Street performers are a wonderful part of London culture. Visitors can see juggling acts, mimes, singers, guitarists and more. Some of them play their instruments so they can earn a few pounds. Nevertheless, they can bring great joy to London’s visitors.

Many additional free activities are available for London’s visitors. Participating in free activities will give a person the opportunity to save money on another aspect of the trip.