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Five Tips For First Time Cruise Travelers

Triperoo Oct. 24, 2016

Here are five tips for first time cruise travelers.

1.The first tip is to try a mini cruise lasting no longer than three nights.

You can try out your sea legs, live life on board ship and see if cruising is for you. If you love the experience, you are ready for your next adventure.

2.When booking your first full-length cruise, the second tip is to use a travel agent.

You may be tempted to book independently, but a travel agent’s expertise is vital in ensuring that you book the most appropriate cruise line, ship, cabin, and itinerary. Do you want a formal or informal environment? Would you like the other passengers be in your age range? Do you want to participate in lots of events on deck or is relaxation your priority? How much time will you spend in your cabin? What size ship would you prefer? A travel agent can advise on these aspects and many more.

3.The third tip is to dine at a large table.

On a cruise ship, the more the merrier. Meeting people is easy when you dine with them. Experienced cruisers can answer your questions and share their tips, and there will be other people for you to converse with if you don’t connect with one particular individual or couple.

4.The penultimate tip is to watch out for chargeable extras.

Cruise lines drive up revenue by charging for things such as activities and events, specialty dining, excursions, photos and Internet access. These are charged to your cruise card automatically and it’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending. Keep an eye on your spending by requesting interim statements.

5.Finally, research your cruise destinations beforehand.

Time in port is limited and it is important to prioritize what you want to see. Use the free shuttle buses provided by the cruise line or port tourist board and remember that local companies can often offer cheaper excursions than those organized by your cruise ship. 

Follow these tips to obtain maximum enjoyment from your first cruise. Bon