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Adventure Destinations in the US

If you are like most Americans you probably put in your fair share of time at work and school taking care of your responsibilities. When it’s time to play, do you yearn to get outside and have an adventure? If you are starting to feel like it’s time to break free, here are 3 of America’s best adventure locations.

Cave Adventures

Located in South-Central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park boasts the largest cave system in the US.  Some of the caves which have been made accessible to visitors, offer caverns several stories high. Visitors report that the best way to get the full tour in the safest manner is to take one of the many guided tours which are offered. Mammoth Cave National Park also requires no park entrance fee, however, cave tours can cost between $7-$55 depending on length.


Looking for extreme ziplining in a beautiful location? Try Hilo, Hawaii. This part of The Big Island offers one of the longest ziplining adventures in the country. The Kapohokine Adventure Company has created 8 different zipline courses that span over 2,400 feet of cables. This tour takes you over tropical river gorges, rainforests, and breathtaking views of the island. No wonder they call it, A Pass-Through Paradise.

White Water Rafting

Considered one of the most family-friendly whitewater rafting destinations, the Nantahala River, located in western North Carolina, offers many different types of whitewater adventures. Whether you are looking for a family day trip or a more adventurous overnight escape, it’s available here. Rapids span from gentle thrills to exhilarating cascades. A variety of packages are available from several whitewater rafting professionals in the area. Whitewater rafting and camping are easy to combine as there are plenty of camping options available all along the river.

It's time to play. Which adventure will you pick?