Travel Tips

3 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained While Flying

Flying with kids can be stressful. Pretty much-doing anything with kids can be stressful if you are not properly prepared ahead of time. The key to keeping kids entertained and calm during a flight is to plan ahead. Here are three great ways to keep your kids entertained while flying. 

Save a Special Movie

Is there a movie your child has been dying to see? Save it for the flight. Reserve a new release that you know your child has been waiting for, and tell them that this will be their special plane movie. Make sure you have earphones and that the movie is fully downloaded before boarding your flight. 

Have A Contest 

Give your kids coloring books and crayons and ask another flyer or a flight attendant to judge the pictures. A drawing contest is also a great way to entertain your kids while flying. You can also have a draw with your other hand contest. If you are right-handed, draw a picture with your left hand or left-handed use right. Be sure to bring along prizes for the winners. 

Mid-Flight Present

If you are looking forward to a flight that will be longer than a couple of hours, why not consider a mid-flight present. Tell your child ahead of time that once they reach the mid-flight point of the journey, you have a special present for them. You should take the time to pick a toy or gift that will actually help to entertain your child for the remainder of the flight. Be sure to wrap the gift to make it feel extra special. 

Flying with kids can be an enjoyable experience when you plan ahead and keep in mind that kids need to be entertained. These three tips should get your ideas flowing on ways to help your child through their next flight.