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Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Triperoo Jun. 12, 2019

Traveling is fun, but it can also be hectic and nerve wracking, and taking your pet along on the road with you can be a major source of added stress. Luckily, with a little knowledge and some extra planning, much if not all of it can be alleviated.

It’s true that animals can enjoy taking a trip to new places as much as their owners, but unfortunately you won’t know until you actually try it. It’s a good idea to take your pet on short local trips first to see how they react. And the best idea might be to just leave them in the care of a trusted friend or a kennel. But if you simply can’t bear to leave your furry friend behind, here are some thing to remember to make the journey bearable for everyone.

1. Obtain a certificate of health.

If you’re traveling internationally, or across state lines in the United States, a health certificate from a veterinarian will often be required, usually within a certain time frame before you set out.

2. Stay with your pet.

Never leave your pet alone, in a vehicle or anywhere else, regardless of the weather or how long you’ll be gone.

3. Use proper restraints in vehicles.

Just like any other passenger, your pet needs to be protected from accidents and sudden stops. An appropriate pet carrier or harness should always be used. This will also keep your pet from distracting the driver.

4. Pack for your pet.

You put some thought into packing for yourself, do the same for your pet. Make sure you have any required medications, plenty of food and treats, favorite toys, and anything else that will keep them calm and happy.

With a little foresight and planning, both you and your pet will have a safe and enjoyable trip.