Travel Tips

Four Tips for Solo Travelers

Triperoo May. 22, 2019

Traveling solo can be a uniquely rewarding adventure. It offers a special sense of freedom and independence that is seldom experienced in this world.

To get the most out of your next solo excursion, keep these tips and suggestions in mind.

1. Don’t be Timid About Striking up Conversations

As a solo traveler, you aren’t limited to conversing with your travel mate. Take this opportunity to get to know the locals by engaging in conversation wherever you go. From the cashier at the exchange bank to the vendor at the street food cart, take advantage of every chance you get to chat. These little interactions will make a big impression on your overall experience.

2. Ask to be Seated at the Group Table

In European restaurants especially, there are often group tables where solo diners can sit together. Identify yourself as dining alone and ask to be seated at the group table so you can meet other solo travelers and exchange stories. You might even meet a companion traveler to spend the day with before you each go your separate ways.

3. Buddy Up For Discounts

Some entrance and attraction fees are discounted as two for one. To save money, temporarily buddy up with a fellow solo traveler to get the price break, then split the savings between the two of you.

4. Avoid Deserted Areas

Safety is always a concern while traveling. As a solo traveler, it’s best to stay away from areas where it’s just you, or you and only a handful of others. Avoid taking shortcuts down alleyways, and going off with a solo “guide.” Try to stay in more populated areas, and time your visits to museums and attractions when others are around.

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