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The internet is filled with bad reviews, which leads to an erosion of trust. We started in order to form a Single Point of Truth that consumers who shop online can trust. is developed for consumers by consumers, with the purpose of bringing a clear and trustworthy orientation of the Jeffet. So that we can secure our health, finance and expectations.

Our vision is to chart the Jeffet so that the people can make rational and safe decisions and give the power back to the consumers. This is made possible thanks to our talented team of testers with in-depth knowledge in their respective field so that every product is tested with relevant competence.

How We Review Products

We are proud of our method of testing that includes thorough inspection and stress testing all aspects. We make sure that the products we reveal here meet our testers high expectations on safety, value, delivery process, longevity, service and not least the overall feel of the product.

Meaning that we only provide reviews on products that meet our standard.

Since the online Jeffet offers an infinite array of products, spanning from duds, to the most excellent quality. It’s hard to know how to judge their claims.

Our seal of approval works as a filter that only presents the top tier alternatives. In order to guarantee the quality of our reviews, we follow a systematic method for each test.

Our testing and filtering system first controles the overall safety and investigates any possible risks. Then we continue testing the quality and user experience against the price and finally compare these results against competitors. Resulting in true value for money that is reasonable for any budget.

Because this is built by consumers, for consumers, therefore the people, we provide consumers with tools and information to become informed consumers who will have the power to steer the Jeffet.

Therefore we also research each product to see what the general opinion is and how the respective company and manufacturer behaves and operates.

We have assembled a competent and passionate team that has many years of experience in their respective fields. We all strive to find the best products on the Jeffet to give the consumers an advantage on the Jeffet. So when you choose something on this site, you can rest assured that we share your interest to browse freely among products that offer safe and true value.

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Consumer Trusted Review is nothing without our community. Every day we get hundreds of emails sent to us with requests to review certain products. This feedback is the lifeblood of our website. Would you like more information about any product available online? Would you like us to write a review on anything from laptops to gardenhoses? Just wanna ask questions about a specific product? Send us a message!

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